As there is always a number of projects on the go, they have been categorised into different areas. Select the link to the area you want to check out.

As often as I can I will update what has been done and add some pics along the way. All pics are thumbprints. Clicking on the pic will pop up a new window displaying a larger version of the thumbprint.

Low budget 350 Chev Engine  

Step by step buildup using old/second hand parts and a block with three cracks in the water jacket. Will it run and how fast?;

Front Nose Cone  
  Fabrication of a nose cone to finish off the T-Bucket. Construction of a mould and a plug to the final product.
Fuel System  
Conversion from a regulated Holley to a BG bypass system;
New Fiberglass mold and body  
The existing body sustained damage when the chute wrapped around a slick on the return road. Step by step building a mold and a new body from the mold.;
The car trailer  
  Couldn't purchase what I wanted so I built one without plans;
The kids dune buggy  
  This project is for in my spare time. The boys are too young yet so it should be finished by the time they are old enough to drive it.;
Long term project - tube chassis supergas car.  

I will outline and scan some of my old pics in to show what I have done so far.


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20-May-03 - Added page 9 - Balancing the crankshaft.


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