Time Crisis is the name of an Altered T-Bucket Drag car that is owned and driven by myself, David Huckett.

I started drag racing a street registered car over 20 years ago at the closest strip at Townsville in North Queensland, Australia. I was never a regular racer and only raced that car over a period of about 3 years. I always made an effort to go along even as a spectator.

I was married in 1992 and now have three young boys.. (Home grown Pit Crew)

About five years ago I had decided to purchase a rolling drag car to race the sportsmen classes but the purchase did not eventuate for reasons I don't like to mention other than to say at some stage in life you find out who your good "friends" are.

I decided to have a go at making my own tube chassis car from the ground up in the back garage and got it up to the rolling frame & body stage when an opportunity to travel to the USA with my younger brother and two other club members from the Townsville Hot Rod & Modified Car Club. The "spare" cash saved to get the car to completion was spent helping to boost the US economy and the project is currently on hold and gathering dust.

Early 2001 I decided it was time to go racing again before it was too late (41 years young now) and completion of the project would mean about a year of Sundays to finish at least and I didn't want to wait that long.

It was decided between my wife and I to find a second hand "cheap" complete car, less engine if I had to, and go racing as soon as possible.

I rang around and ended up finding an altered T-Bucket that needed some care and attention and minimal fuss to start racing. A dozen weekends in the back shed and we were ready to start the 2002 season.

Everyone said I was going through a mid life crisis (they were probably right) and drag racing is a race against time. DYO racing more so. The T-Bucket assumed the name of Time Crisis.

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