March 2006

A change of employment and a whole new career has seen the site on the back burner. I disconnected my previous internet account (dialup) and reconnected through adsl which meant I lost my previous web site location. I have now relocated the site and redirected the to the current location.

I have been very busy with my new venture in the automotive industry and as such have not had a lot of spare time to go racing or keep the web site updated. I am in the process of setting up my own webserver in-house to host a site for the business.

As I get a little more spare time I will be commencing a new project car to drag. I have started collecting parts for the next engine. It will be another small block chev but this time I have purchased a new 871 supercharger and will be building a blown small block.

The idea I have is not to go all out chasing the maximum horsepower, rather build an extremely reliable engine that may end up in a hotrod registered for use on the road.

It will be an EFI fuel system as the business we have purchased is an established auto electrical workshop.

April 2004

I have not been doing much this season other than spectating. Work committments and too many DIY television shows have me carrying out major renovations to our house, and while this happens I have moved to a unit. I will attempt to keep something happening on the site as time permits. I am also doing three correspondance courses at the moment so my time is limited.

November 2003

We raced the King of the Hill event in Townsville which was the first round for the new season. Everything went well and we won a few rounds. The new heads were on but the extra HP did us no good as it ended up too much to handle off the start. I ended up retarding the ignition 18 degrees from normal to knock some HP out of the car and we still got 1.3 60footers with the front wheels up and only run 1 tenth slower than normal. I have been working on an ignition retard delay to limit hp for a time period off the start. When I get it working and if it makes the difference I expect, I will post the details of how to make one yourself (DIY) if anyone is interested.

Mike Horton (RED Australia) has his dragster up and running again which is great to see. After a few minor bugs are sorted he will be hard to beat in the next season... Only good thing about DYO racing is that the faster he goes the more headstart I get :)

13 September 2003

Raced at the Townsville Dragway Supercharged Outlaws event in the Supermodified bracket. Got through elimination rounds with the bucket running slightly off normal times. We checked the retards on the computer and jetting to find nothing out of the nor so the performance loss was put down to the hotter weather as other racers said they were down a bit. Made it into the final to face a 351 Ford Capri dialled in at 9.40 so I dialled 9.46 to have a slight edge off the line. It payed off with a.477 reaction and a PB 60footer of 1.28 secs. The engine shut down just before the finish line and I rolled over the line 25mph slower at 115mph to take the win!! I could not get the bucket restarted so it was left till we got it back to the back shed. It didn't tale too long to find the internals of the distibutor busted and the rotor not moving much at all.. The $500 win came in handy for some new valve springs and gaskets to put a different set of heads on to see if a little more horsepower can be squeezed out of the engine. It will be a good swap to see the difference between the standard cast iron Sportman II to the Kiwi Pro cast iron heads.


Added a few for sale to the site and uploaded a new picture of the T-Bucket with a wing fitted to the roll cage.


A whole new site created with new graphics and was uploaded. Please let me know of any problems.

Also a new page on the Chevy buildup was made available.. I am running behind with pics but will put some on soon.


Posted some pictures from the Sunstate Nationals held at Palmyra Dragway in Mackay. Mostly pictures of Altereds, one I did not know the drivers name so if you do email me so I can add his name.


Added a new page to the 350 Chevy budget buildup - Mock assembly of the short block. It has been a while between the last update as I have been busy getting ready for our first meeting of the year last Saturday Night 29-March. The pages on the buildup are a bit behind as I have the budget engine in the altered now and we raced with it for the first time on Saturday.

Without pushing it too hard it ran 9.52 @ 140.18 and a 1.39 - 60 foot. All this with wheelspin and a few wheelstands. What a ride!


Added a page for the events happening for 2003 at Townsville Dragstrip. Have been having trouble for a month trying to upload the website changes but eventually found the problem in Ftp.

7 February-2003

Added a new page - Boring the Block - in the budget 350 engine buildup section. Will try and get time to put an event calendar for Townsville and Mackay dragstrips.

11 December-2002

Added a few new links and a stats counter on the home page. Am considering either a forum page or an online live chat page. Leave an email with comments.

2 Decmber-2002

Added a new page in the 350 Chev buildup section. Preparing the block for boring. Parts required to complete the short motor have been ordered so assembly is not far away.


Added specifications for Michael Horton's rear engine Chevy dragster.


Added a page in the Photos section for Michael Horton's RED Australia Racing Dragster. Pictures have been added and specifications will be added soon.

The news button is now functional. If your reading this you already know..


Added three scanned pictures of the Altered at Townsville Dragstrip.

Raced the T-Bucket Last night and got personal bests in both MPH and ET.. 135.23mph and 10.28secs. I contested the Super Modified bracket against 7, 8 & 9 second cars, qualifying in the slower end of the bracket and managed to get through to the finals (consistancy helps, 10.28 et - reaction .447, 10.34 - rt .443, 10.39 - rt .440, 10.35 - rt .452 (0.400 tree)) I went to sleep in the final with a 0.6 rt which cost me the race.. We came home with a runner up trophy and also took out the Rooky of the year award at Townsville Dragway, and collected another large trophy. This was the last major event at the track for the year.. Now to get to work on the body and engine for next year.

After speaking to some of the other racers about this site, they are organising some pictures and stats of their cars for additions. Check back soon for some more pics.


Decided to start a "latest news" page, a sort of a working diary of what has been done to the website. I haven't created a button for this page yet so a link on the home page will have to suffice for the moment.

Tonight I added two calculators on the Technical page to work out vehicle horsepower and approximate ET and top end speed. I also changed the picture of the engine in the Crisis Racing Photo Album to a smaller file size, I don't think the quality was compomised that much in the reduction.

Also I added some more links to Australian manufacturers & retailers.


I created a Guestbook on Geocities for users to add comments on the site or ask a question if they do not have email access. It is under test conditions for the moment so try it out and let me know. When you click on the links a new window will open and take you to the site, once finished simply close that window.

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