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Prostart Automotive is located in North Queensland Australia.

This website was made active 1 August 2006, and is maintained and hosted at the premises by people with no IT qualifications. Internal computers operate on Microsoft based Personal Computers while the servers, both internal and the Internet servers are Linux based.

As time permits it is inteded to publish technical information regarding low voltage electrical installations, howto's and opinions on the best solution to common problems encountered by Auto Electricians.

High on the todo list is technical information for caravan and camper trailer guys, (grey nomads as some call them).
Daily we encounter travellers who have set themselves up with a new caravan or camper trailer and head North from the Southern States of Australia. Their journey is usually our direction as this is the place to escape cold winters and catch the big fish..
There is about half a dozen boat ramps accessing local saltwater estuaries within 15 minutes drive from our workshop!

The nomads all seem to get here with the same problem.. Auxillary batteries set up to run fridges in their vans or campers are flat..
We seem to be explaining the simple facts of battery usage and charging to someone daily.

In the near future the site will have a secure server with on-line shopping available for those who wish to shop for parts for their car, ute or machinery. Driving lights, spotlight kits, wiring kits and instruction sheets will be provided and any products related to low voltage will be able to be purchased on-line.

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